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When Jesus saved her from abortion...

This boy in the picture is very special to me!

He is literally the verse of Jeremiah 1:5....

In the year 2014 when I was serving at the Shores of Grace base, we were on one of those nights when we went out to find Jesus in the red zone in Recife. During our time here I met a woman I had never met on the avenue, let's call her Estrela, she had been there for a few years.

I clearly remember that day and how not to remember?!

When I got close to her I had this vision: a dove in her womb and I asked the Holy Spirit what that dove meant"

So I asked the Holy Spirit what that meant and He replied:

_What does the dove represent for you?

And I promptly replied:

_ The Lord!

So I turned to her and said:

_ Do not do what you are thinking of doing today, because what is inside you is very Holy!

She shed a few tears, we talked a little and then we left.

In my head I thought it was something about her, about her body, but a few weeks later she called me...


_Hi Nany, this is Estrela!


_Hey princess. How are you?

Estrela, was silent for a few minutes on the phone and in a choked voice said to me:

_Everything, everything... Remember that day you said that what was inside of me was very Holy and I wasn't supposed to do what I had planned to do..... (?)

I, at that moment with my heart burning, thought "She left the Avenue!!!!", I replied with high expectations:



_So... That night I had an abortion scheduled, I thought it was the result of one of the rapes on the avenue (they are often raped when clients do not accept to do the program with a condom). When you said that word I saw that it came from God and I decided to wait. So I went to the doctor and found out I had been pregnant for weeks. And it was from my relationship!

At that moment I was taken by a cry and just remembering my heart burns again!

Jesus revealed what was hidden to save that child's life.

When this photo was taken, it was the first time I saw him. He was already three years old, and he played ball with me, we played and talked.

Today this woman of God opens the doors of her home for small cults and discipleship. She is no longer on the avenue! She married the prince's father and formed a family with him.

Whenever I remember and tell this story, gratitude comes to my heart to have the opportunity to participate in what my Dad has done and is doing in the life of this family, because He wants the whole world to understand that THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE FOR ETERNAL LIFE.

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