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From Gethsemane to Ilha do Marajo

A month ago in Brazil, a song turned into a cry lodged in the throats of those who suffered firsthand, becoming a political activism agenda, a blow to the ego of the religious, and a denunciation of the tears of the Messiah's Gethsemane, a denunciation of the "Evangelho de Fariseus".

When I was in seminary, I had the opportunity to serve Benjamin Nolot, director of the documentary "Nefarious: Merchant of Souls".

A woman was in a deep moment of worship, asking Jesus to show her His heart. So, He took her to a very beautiful house in the countryside and began to show her the rooms. There were many rooms; the first one was the conference room, filled with lights and crowds... The second was the banquet hall, with a huge table full of food and everyone delighting there... In her heart, she really wanted to stay there... In another room, there was the room of the preachers, full of books and knowledge, all concentrated there... But there was one more room, the fourth one, a dark room, all made of glass, with only one chair. She complained to Jesus, saying that this room was not "full of life" and "joy" like the others and asked to leave there... Jesus gently replied: "Daughter, this is where I sit and listen to all the groans and cries for help from the world. And no one wants to come in here and cry with me, that's why there's only one chair for me, do you want to sit here and cry with me?"

It's been over 7 years since I heard this story, and it continues to be a compass in my life, with just one request to Jesus: let me remain in this room.

"Between The Flowers And The Broken" I have seen girls and women have encounters with the Love of Jesus that are evidence of the Spirit of Christ in our days. I sat with Him many times in that room. When I worked in an orphanage, we rescued three girls, aged 12, 10, and 8, who lived in a square and a garbage dump. When we rescued them, they lived in my room at the base for 5 months. I took care of them, cried, and always pointed them to Jesus. Sometimes, they told me that they sold a plate of food for just 1 REAL. They said they could sleep safely and peacefully, without anyone disturbing them during the night.

Another story: there was a 5-year-old girl who was in crisis due to memories of the abuse she had suffered. She entered the containment room, and I sat on the floor with her sister. She screamed, "Auntie, it hurts." I asked what we could do to distract her, and she said she wanted to sing. So, she started singing "Take Me Deeper... Take me closer... I want to know Your heart...". And she began to calm down and fell asleep. There are no theology books or conferences that can teach about the deep Love of Jesus.

"No pit is so deep that He cannot reach. With Jesus, even in the darkest and most difficult moments, good remains, and greater good is yet to come." - Corrie ten Boom

"Did the subject of Marajó make you feel like throwing up?"

Click on video to understand here about Marajó Island. Just before the pandemic, in a conversation with the advisor to the then Minister Damares, I considered going to Marajó. He warned me about the dangers and so many other issues that only Jesus could address in that place. Just like in Mexico, on the US border, an avenue dedicated to child prostitution is dangerous, just like the streets of Brazil, just like the monasteries in Italy and parishes in Portugal.

There are so many Marajó Islands, in its squares, churches, schools, beside its houses, inside houses. Human trafficking is not a political activism, nor a seasonal topic for an Instagram post from a religious debate group.

Child trafficking does exist! As a Christian, I was shocked by the cynicism of so many brothers and sisters in the faith saying, "this is normal" or "wow, that's an exaggeration".


Like a song written over 50 years ago by Keith Green:

"Oh! Bless me! Oh, bless me!

That's all I ever hear!

No tears! No pain, not even a cry!

But He weeps, He bleeds, He cries out for you.

And you only care to be part of a movement."

Beloved Christian, watch with Him so you do not fall into temptation, so that when Jesus is shedding tears of blood in Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36-46).

I extend an invitation to you: enter your secret place today with Him and ask:

"Jesus, for what do you weep? I want to watch with you."

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