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Elaine Arruda, better known as "Nany," was born in São Paulo in 1988. A missionary by calling and an artist by profession, her life's purpose is to see children and women healed from a broken past, and homes become the safest place in the world with Jesus at the center of each one.

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why missions


My first encounter with Jesus happened at the age of 5, when my parents were already Christians. However, they, being newlyweds, moved and became distant from churches, returning to the community when I was already 5 years old, marking my life forever!

My mother has always been the heroine of my faith, endowed with a compassionate heart. I used to accompany her on visits to mothers in vulnerable situations, many of whom lived in landfills, slums, or simply homes that lacked knowledge of Jesus' message. At the age of 8, during an emotional "home worship" in one of these places, I read two verses - Joshua 1:8 and Psalms 2:7-8. In that moment, the conviction of my calling as a missionary solidified, revealing the purpose that I embrace fervently to this day.

Iris Global, Pemba/Mozambique

My first missionary trip was to Africa. I served in the orphanage, women's ministry, and Arts department (Conducting a workshop for the 'mamas' and students of the Harvest School). We traveled across the country to tribes where people had never heard of Jesus or seen white individuals. We had the opportunity to accompany Heide and Roland Baker on this journey,




The publication in Jake Hamilton's book

"Jake Hamilton chose art to represent the text of the book based on 1 Corinthians 13 - 'Love bears all things.'

The reason?

His daughter, who is paralyzed, always said that her wheelchair is, in fact, Jesus' lap.

Jake is a Christian singer and songwriter; one of his most well-known songs is 'The Anthem,' which was covered by Fernandinho as 'O Hino' (The Anthem in Portuguese).



Shores of Grace, Recife/Brazil

Since 2011, I had been supporting the ministry online by providing prophetic art. However, in October 2013, I was invited to join the Shores of Grace team. So, in January 2014, I moved to the northeastern region of Brazil. For nearly seven years (2013-2019), I served women and children who had come from situations of prostitution and human trafficking. By the grace of God, I witnessed their redemption in Christ. I served in various capacities, including social media coordination, ministerial schools, women's homes, Vila Betania (a shelter), Hadassa (girls over 18 without family who were in the shelter), and leading evangelism efforts in the Red Zone, among street children - where I even shared a room with them...


bssm, Bethel church,, California/ the usa


"Evangelism work in a Human Trafficking Zone and the Largest Landfill in America in Tijuana, Mexico."


"Ministry in a Human Trafficking Zone and Worship Room in Alaska, USA."


"Ministering inside prisons - during one of these visits, we went to the Death Row, Texas."


"AzusaNow/2016 in Los Angeles, California. Engaged in evangelism efforts within the prostitution zone in Redding, California."

Em 2015 - 2017 estudei na escola ministerial BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry) da Bethel Church na  California. Estudei, Artes, Liderança, Sozo, Missão Transcutural, Justiça Social e Biblia. 

Durante a Escola tive a oportunidade de fazer algumas viagens de missão: