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Image by Pawel Czerwinski



This is a session where you can use the art as a tool to connect the Jesus' true and Father's heart. and receive profound insights about your life and relationships.
Combining creativity and art with the presence of the Holy Spirit, we can experience Inner-healing and deliverance at deeper levels.

It is not necessary to have artistic skills, only an open heart and willingness to surrender to the work that the Holy Spirit wants to do in you. We hope to see you there and experience together the healing and freedom that only Jesus can give us.


artist and missionary in Europe

In 2022, her home church, the amazing Family Jesus Copy, sent her on a life-changing mission to serve a church in Europe.

But this wasn't her first adventure. In 2015, she packed her bags and headed to California to study seminary, arts, and leadership at BSSM,  Bethel Church in California.

Between 2013 and 2019, she worked with the Shores of Grace leadership team, where she was dedicated to helping kids and women who came from the redlight district. She honed her skills in discipleship, arts, and inner healing during this time.

When the pandemic hit, she knew she had to act fast to help those in need. She dedicated herself full-heartedly to support and uplift more than 600 people all across Brazil.

What do I need to join in this session?

There's no need to be an artist;
Personal Material: A 8 sheets of papers, colored pencil and pen;
Be available for 1 to 2 hours;
Have your zoom equipment ready;
The most important thing is to be willing to hear your THE  Father's voice

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